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Do You Need Building Regulations for Bifold Doors?

Do you need building regulations for bifold doors? If you want to install new bifold doors for your home, then you’ll need to make sure that they meet building regulations. However, doing this might not be as hard as you think, so long as you choose a high-quality design that improves the performance of your home. With bifold doors like this, you’ll have no trouble being above board, and you’ll benefit from relaxed regulations if you install internal bifold doors as well.

So, what are building regulations? Building regulations are standards for bifold doors and the building work that goes into installing them in your home. While you could look at all of the individual standards that go into these regulations, this process can be lengthy, convoluted and take way too much unnecessary time from your project. If you want to meet building regulations for bifold doors quickly, then it’s best to work with a trusted, registered installer.

At Jewel Bifolds, we make sure that our bifold doors meet and exceed building regulations standards. Our designs are able to meet insulation, security and structural stability rules, meaning you’ll be installing a system that’s fully above board. Not only that, our fitters can advise on meeting these regulations at every step of the way, and we’ll manage the project fully. As a registered installer, we can give you complete peace of mind when fitting bifold doors for your home.

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Building Regulations for Bifold Doors


With climate change becoming more of a concern, building regulations for bifold doors on insulation are changing to match it. Because of this, your home now has to meet stricter targets for thermal efficiency, and this is true of your bifold doors as well. Nowadays, bifold doors must have a U-value of 1.8 to be installed in homes, while they also require high-rated glazing to meet building regulations. At Jewel, our bifold doors come from market-leading companies, meaning they exceed these standards.

However, there can be some factors that affect whether you meet the building regulations for bifold doors. For example, if you install them in a room with lots of glazing, such as a conservatory, the regulations on your doors may be different. All you have to do to stay above these rules, though, is to work with a trusted installer. Professional double glazing companies can always offer advice on meeting building regulations for bifold doors.


Building regulations for bifold doors can also keep you safe. It’s because these rules have set minimum standards for the security your new doors will be able to offer your home. Bifold doors must have locks that conform with British Standards, meaning the locks must follow their own set of rules, such as having 5-point locking. At Jewel, though, we fit our doors with advanced security hardware to make sure you’re much safer than you need to be.

Another part of building regulations for bifold doors is that glazing should be internally beaded. Because of this, burglars and intruders can’t separate the glass from the frame, or force the glazing from within the door out. As a result, you’ll need multi-point locking in your design to meet the building regulations for bifold doors. Fortunately, Jewel’s designs all have multi-point locking systems as standard to give you peace of mind.

Structural Stability

One factor many don’t think about when considering building regulations for bifold doors is their structural stability. It refers to how much additional support bifold doors need in your home, as this support could put an extra load on your building. As a result, you may need to make structural alterations if your new bifold doors put your home’s structure under a certain level of strain. For example, you may need to add a lintel or RSJ above the bifold doors, although a structural surveyor will offer the best advice.

However, this is just one of the more complex examples of building regulations for bifold doors. If you’re worried about whether installing these doors will be above board, then all you have to do is work with a trusted local installer. At Jewel Bifolds, we’re an accredited company with years of experience, meaning we can fit your bifold doors without stress or hassle. And, as a local brand, we strive to offer personalised, prompt service with every installation.

building regulations for bifold doors

Find Out More About Building Regulations for Bifold Doors

If you want to know more about building regulations for bifold doors, get in touch with our team today! You can fill in our online contact form to leave our experts a message, or you can call 01252 933 134 to speak to them directly. And, if you already know that you’d like market-leading bifold doors that meet and exceed building regulations, then get an online quote!


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