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Exploring the Advantages of Lantern Roofs

The more natural light that enters your home, the more inviting and relaxing your space will feel. An effective way to boost the brightness of your property’s interior is to invest in a lantern roof installation. 

At Jewel Bifolds, we install high quality roof lanterns in Surrey and the surrounding areas. In this article, our glazing experts are sharing the many benefits of lantern roofs for modern homeowners. 

What Are Lantern Roofs?

Lantern roofs are a contemporary twist on traditional skylights. Installed into a flat roof, lantern roofs are stunning glazing structures, built with aluminium frames and double or triple glazing. Lantern roofs are more visually appealing than flat skylights and make a stunning architectural feature on properties of all ages and styles. 

In the past, roof lanterns were most associated with conservatory and orangery installations. However, these unique glazed roofs can be installed onto an extension roof and welcome streams of sunlight directly into your home. The pitch of a lantern roof creates an attractive exterior appearance and also increases the height of your ceiling. With one of these gorgeous glazed roofs installed, your rooms will instantly feel brighter and more spacious.  

what are lantern roofs

Lantern roofs can also be used to enhance conservatories, orangeries, and extensions, as well as any part of a property’s existing flat roof. With a roof lantern installation, you can add a burst of light to your kitchen, brighten up your living room and send beautiful sunlight cascading down your home’s staircase. 

Advantages of Lantern Roofs 

Just like double glazed windows vary in quality and performance, so do lantern roof profiles.  When you choose Jewel Bifolds to improve your property, you are guaranteed a premium quality installation that will provide multiple benefits. 

Traditional skylights have their own advantages, but a roof lantern installation will completely transform the interior and exterior appearance of your home. 

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Here are the top benefits of lantern roofs: 

• Energy efficient – Built with aluminium frames and high spec double or triple glazing, Jewel lantern roofs offer excellent insulation for your home. There is no need to worry about cold draughts entering your rooms via a lantern roof installation. Manufactured with high grade materials and reliable weatherproofing, modern roof lanterns will keep your home well protected from the natural elements. By investing in an energy efficient lantern roof, you will keep your home warmer for longer and you may even benefit from reduced heating bills in the future. 

• Reliable long-term performance – Jewel roof lanterns have been built with long-term performance in mind. Manufactured with a lightweight aluminium framework, roof lanterns are more than strong enough to withstand the full force of the natural elements. Aluminium keeps its sleek appearance for decades and will not succumb to weather related damage. The strong structure and robust glazing also work together to improve your home’s security. High quality lantern roofs will welcome natural light into your property and keep potential intruders out.

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• Customisable design – All homes are different and modern roof lanterns are available with several customisable features.  At Jewel, we provide our roof lanterns in a variety of different colours, sizes and pitches. Wherever you want your glazed roof to be installed, we will build your profile to match your exact specifications. All your property needs in order to benefit from a roof lantern installation is an existing flat roof surface. These glazed structures have a striking yet classic appearance and are tailor made to perfectly complement your property’s aesthetic.

• Acoustic insulation – There is no need to worry about creating a noisier home when you opt for a roof lantern installation. Featuring double or triple glazing, Jewel lantern roofs offer effective acoustic insulation. While we can’t promise all exterior noise will be blocked, our glazed roofs will keep outside sounds to a minimum. With a soundproof roof lantern, homeowners can enjoy a brighter and more peaceful living space. 

Enhance Your Home With a Stunning Lantern Roof Installation From Jewel Bifolds 

Here at Jewel Bifolds, we have been improving homes across Surrey for many years. If you want to bring more light into your property, our roof lanterns are the perfect investment. When you choose to improve your home with a custom made roof lantern, your property will benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, increased security and improved visual appeal. 

To transform your home with a Jewel Bifold installation, request a free quote today. If you would like to discuss your project plans with our team, call 01252 933 134 or fill in our online contact form


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