Bi-Fold Doors Liphook

Our stunning range of Bi-Fold Doors is the ideal solution to your Liphook home. Let natural light flood into your property with the addition of bi-fold doors. Watch as your heating bills reduce due to their thermal efficiency, their double glazed technology helps to keep the warm arm in!

Bi-Fold doors are the perfect way to open your home to your garden. Create a smooth transition between the two with these beautiful bi-folds, ideal for entertaining and garden gatherings.

We have a wide range of designs and styles so you can create the perfect doors tailored specifically to you and your home. Our expert team will be on hand throughout your project from the design to installation. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service.

We have handpicked six leading manufacturers to supply both aluminium Bi-Fold doors ensuring you get the best on the market. All these companies are trusted and tested, giving you the peace of mind, that you are making the high-standard investment.

We have an online quote engine so you can create your door and get an instant quote back. There is no obligation to have a look at our designs and ranges on this excellent tool.

bi-fold doors liphookAluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Five of our manufacturers supply our aluminium bi-fold doors to Liphook, each slightly focussing on different aspects of the door and design.

Our Air Bi-Folding Doors, specifically the Air 800, boast a super slim sightline of 108mm, and less frame allowing for a broader panoramic view of the outside. The panels are 3m tall meaning your room will flood with natural light. These doors are designed to open both inward and outward making them the functional and practical solution for your home.

The Schuco range offers premium levels of strength and energy efficiency to your home. The locking mechanisms have been specifically designed for bi-fold doors. This gives them must better performance than the standard lock used on bi-folding doors. Help to keep your home and family safe with this specially designed locking system.

For the premium choice, Smart Visofold 1000 Aluminium Bi-Fold doors are an excellent choice. They have a beautiful range which can be tailored to any home. They are thermally efficient with great aesthetics making your home the stand out in Liphook. With new and improved design on flat handles, you can design every aspect of the door specific to you.

bi-fold doors liphook pricesBi-Fold Doors

Practical, energy-efficient and elegant, the Bi-Fold can enhance any Liphook home. Offered in a range of folding configurations, the number of panels and designs they can be created to be specific to you and your home. Made from 100% recycled material, this is entirely lead-free they are the eco-friendly addition to your property.

The bi-fold is robust and can compete with its aluminium counterpart at a lower cost. Security is an essential feature with any home.

They are the perfect addition for opening your home to the garden creating a seamless link between the two. The door fold neatly into the corner of the frame when open meaning you can utilise all the space. When closed, they are slimline to ensure again you can use your whole room.

Natural light will flood into your living space with the addition of bi-folding doors. Enjoyed throughout the year with their outstanding thermal efficiency you can enjoy the outside every day.

Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-Folding doors are an excellent addition to your Liphook home. Watch our video below to see some options surrounding Bi-Fold Doors.

Bi-Fold Prices in Liphook

Start your online quote today with our free quote generator. Design your door from scratch and choose every aspect to make the perfect addition to your home.

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