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High Quality Bifold Doors in Guildford

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Quality Bifold Doors Guildford


Here at Jewel Bifolds, there are multiple options for your double glazed doors, as we are determined to find homeowners in Guildford a suitable match for their homes. All our bifold doors are high quality and consist of cutting edge materials and the latest innovative components. We’re an incredibly high ranked service as we provide the best products on the market. Our uPVC bifold doors serve a variety of purposes. Meanwhile, our aluminium bifold doors offer astounding performance in all areas.

High Performance uPVC Double Glazed Bifolding Doors

Our impressive range includes uPVC patio doors constructed with high quality materials. These are manufactured using the leading uPVC profile by Halo, which makes our doors high performing uPVC doors are extremely practical and offer a wide opening and increased glazed area. You’ll feel the spaciousness as our bifold doors blend seamlessly with the outdoors. Bifold doors offer outstanding thermal efficiency levels as their multi chambered profiles retain heat within a home while preventing cold draughts from entering.


These doors have exceptional performance and operate on an easy glide roller system that is discreetly concealed in the profile to create impressive views and fold stylishly in various configurations.

We offer 2-7 panes with our beautiful bifold doors, which can be tailored with a low aluminium threshold and an optional ramp, which allows easy access for wheelchair users.


When you choose Jewel Bifolds, we provide optimal quality so homeowners in Guildford can have peace of mind. We also provide a fast turnaround for installing their bifold doors quickly. The patio doors in our range are designed with a modular locking system by Yale, with a shootbolt lock at both head and cill to provide maximum protection for your entrance.


Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Guildford

Impressive Aluminium Doors

We offer fantastic aluminium bifold doors and patio doors, acquiring very sleek aesthetics and a highly robust frame. Our aluminium doors offer incredible functionality, effortlessly glide along its track and are fitted with high quality hardware such as handles and hinges.


Various designs are available for your aluminium doors, including SmartAir, and Schuco. These amazing options are from the leading suppliers in the double glazing industry, which means you have the pick of the bunch.

Smart aluminium double glazed doors offer a high quality profile, which provides strength and weatherproofing. German manufacturers Air offer aluminium bifold doors with excellent energy ratings and a lightweight, slim design for enhanced views. Another impressive German profile is Schuco, which offers outstanding functionality and all around performance.

Cost Effective Bifold Doors in Guildford

Double glazed bifolding doors shall save you money in the short and long term. Your thermally efficient patio doors will keep your home warmer, allow you to use less heating, and, in turn, save you money on energy bills. Our durable double glazed doors require very little maintenance, saving you money on cleaning products or hiring a window cleaner.


These doors are highly secure, meaning it is unlikely that anyone will gain access to your home with these doors as they ensure that your home remains safe. Our range is constructed with the highest quality materials, but they’re installed and maintained at a low cost. We offer sustainable solutions for double glazing, making them cost effective as they last longer.


bifolding Doors Guildford

Environmentally Friendly Bifolding Doors

Our aluminium and uPVC options are highly sustainable, as they are equally recyclable and environmentally friendly. Installing our bifolds will have an amazing impact on your carbon footprint due to their thermal efficiency.


Furthermore, our bifold doors are highly durable, but when they eventually come to the end of their life cycle, their materials can be recycled! So from day one, you’ll be making an environmentally conscious choice.


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Guildford

Bifold Door Prices Guildford

We offer an incredible online quoting engine where you get an instant bifold door price tailored to your specifications.

You can also contact our customer service team via our online contact page, where one of our friendly and skilled team members will guide you through our products and answer any of your bifold questions.


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