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Prestige Bi-Fold Doors Surrey

Here at Jewell Bi-Folds, there are a whole host of options for homeowners to install bi-fold doors in Surrey.

We offer luxury double glazed doors, including sliding and folding doors, which expand the living space of your home and allow natural light to flood into it.

They are extremely thermally-efficient, utilising the latest profile design, combined with large, high-performance glazed areas, which offer great Windows Energy Ratings.

Our bi-fold doors offer an incredible level of security and come equipped with a high-quality modular locking system.

Bi-Fold Doors Surrey

Premium Smart Double Glazed Doors Doors

We offer the impressive aluminium polyamide profile of Smart Visofold 1000, including a thermally-broken multi-chambered design with incredible weatherproofing features.

These innovative features enable our doors to achieve low U-values of 1.5. They have also faced stringent water and wind testing to exceed standards for weatherproofing.

It features high-quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes to enhance weather resistance. Multi-point locking mechanisms are fitted on the main sash to offer spectacular security.

We offer locks in an adjustable one-piece keep design or traditional lift up handle. Some hardware is Secured by Design and PAS24 approved, ensuring high-security for your Surrey property.

The doors in our range are manufactured using Smart’s punch tooling, offering the very latest, the smoothest design which creates a fantastic aesthetic to complement any home.

There’s a low threshold option to allow for easier wheelchair accessibility. Everybody will enjoy beautiful bi-fold doors, as your home will seamlessly blend into the outdoors.

Double Glazed Doors Surrey

Weathertight Double Glazed Doors

It is important to have robust frames for your double glazed doors, incredible at withstanding the pressure of poor weather conditions.

They offer a multi-chambered profile, which ensures your home retains warmth, add triple glazing to provide enhanced levels of thermal efficiency.

These are precision-engineered to offer beautiful, contemporary aesthetics, with a sleek aluminium profile and fabulous functionality.

They achieve a double weather seal to provide weatherproofing and effective drainage, keeping your home warm and dry.

You’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of outdoors through an impressive glazed area, and incredibly reduced sightlines.

It also means you can switch off your central heating system, and save yourself money. This is an eco-friendly approach to reduce your carbon footprint.

These also offer a low threshold design and multiple configurations, allowing you to design bespoke bi-fold doors any of our vast colour options.

Innovative Air Double Glazed Doors

We utilise the fantastic profile of Air 800 to provide outstanding aluminium bi-fold doors to our customers in Surrey.

Panel heights are available up to 3m and offer slim sightlines, which makes them beautiful additions to a Surrey home.

These include weather-resistant panels, capable of withstanding 100mph winds without damage. These are designed with strength in mind.

We offer the aircoat colour protection, maintaining the high-quality of your aluminium doors against adverse effects of dirt and the weather.

They achieve low U-values of 1.4, achieving impressive windows energy ratings too. Thermally-efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly.

There are a full set of RAL colours available to customise your aluminium bi-fold doors with, offering exceptional variety.

Double Glazed Doors Costs Surrey

High Security Schuco Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We offer the fabulous German-engineered profile of Schuco ASS 70FD, which is designed to offer high security to homes with a sleek design, which homeowners in Surrey can benefit from.

These will add value to your home in many ways. A sound investment that will last decades, transform an ordinary door or back wall into something far more practical and exciting.

These doors are fitted with high-security locking mechanisms to protect you and your loved ones and offers a very defensive aluminium frame to further consolidate your fortress.

These doors achieve extremely low U-values of 1.3 which will drive down energy bills. Choose our aluminium bi-fold doors for maximum security and energy-efficiency, as well as stunning aesthetics.

Bi-Folding Door Prices in Surrey

Our bi-fold door prices are among the best in Surrey. Because we work with a range of manufacturers, the options we have available are completely unrivalled. We are specialists in double glazed bi-folding doors, enabling you to have a level of choice that you will not be able to find elsewhere. This also means that our prices are kept as low as possible, so your new doors will offer superb value for money.

Why not visit our online quote calculator? It’s a simple and effective way of getting an idea of your bi-fold door price. Just enter your specifications and our clever calculator will do the rest. You can also get a personalised bi-fold door quote from our team, who are here to help you decide which door is the best option for you.

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