Sliding Patio Doors Windsor

Sliding Patio Doors Windsor

Wonderful sliding patio doors for your home in Windsor.

Sliding Patio Doors Prices Windsor

Sliding Patio Door Prices Windsor

Contact Jewel today to find competitive prices for sliding patio doors in Windsor.

Excellent Security

Our sliding patio doors keep you safe and secure. With durable aluminium frames and PAS24 hardware that meets Secured By Design standards, you'll keep intruders and burglars well away from your home.

Thermal Performance

Sliding patio doors have superb insulation for your Windsor home. That means you can stay warm no matter the weather, and keep control of your home's climate, helping you save money on energy bills.

Custom Designs

We offer bespoke designs for our sliding patio doors, so you can choose the designs that suit your Windsor home's style. We offer both Smart's range and Air Sliders, so you get plenty of choice.


Sliding patio doors are a wonderful investment for your Windsor home. They could replace a wall of your home with a door that opens up to the outside world. Sliding doors operate on an in-line slider, combining a full section of double glazing with slimline aluminium frames.

The result is a door that feels open even when it’s closed. These doors turn your living room into a front-row seat to nature, filling your space with natural light and warmth. Not only that, but these doors can protect you from the worst weather conditions, thanks to the durable, air and water-tight design.

At Jewel, we’re proud to offer stunning sliding patio doors to homes in Windsor. We’re the ideal choice in the area, thanks to our partnerships with top providers. When you invest in sliding patio doors with us, you can choose Smart’s VisoGlide system, as well as LS500 and LS600 Air Sliders. That way, you’ll be able to make a leading choice that makes good on your investment.

Also, you can customise your new doors to suit your needs precisely. We offer unique designs in any dimension, and you can customise the frames with bold colours and finishes that won’t fade away over time.



With sliding patio doors, you can get invaluable peace of mind in your Windsor home. That's because we only supply designs that put security first. Our doors feature aluminium frames, which are a lot more robust than both timber and uPVC. As a result, should an intruder try to break into your home, they'll have to deal with an almost bulletproof material. The aluminium frame protects and conceals the internal hardware of your doors. That means a burglar won't be able to tamper with shootbolts or pick the durable locks and handles of the design, and they won't weaken for decades. Also, sliding patio doors use an in-line slider. Because of this, the doors are anti-crowbar, and the slider features even more security systems. You can add a low-threshold option to your doors as well, both making it tougher for intruders to access your home, and easier for your family to access your garden.

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Sliding patio doors could replace a wall of your home. However, if you're thinking that could leave you out in the cold, think again. Our sliding patio doors, supplied by industry leaders Smart and Air, can meet the highest standards of thermal efficiency. These doors use double glazing in their design, which can trap heat inside your home and prevent cold air from entering your living space. Also, aluminium is a fully weatherproof material. Because of this, you won't have to worry about draughts and damp spots developing inside your home and making you cold and uncomfortable. The result of all this is that sliding patio doors can help you save money inside your Windsor home. With more natural light and warmth, and less energy loss, you won't need to rely on your central heating. Therefore, you can cut the cost of your energy bills, and decrease your carbon footprint too!

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At Jewel, we're happy to offer sliding patio doors for your home in Windsor that have perfect designs for daily life. Firstly, we supply Smart's VisoGlide doors, which feature a clever polyamide bridge. This bridge can improve your home's insulation, helping you stay warmer all year round and save money on your bills. Not only that, but Smart create multi-chambered aluminium profiles which have superb sound insulation. That way, you can enjoy a warmer, more welcoming living space without noise from outside distracting you. Additionally, we offer Air's LS500 and LS600 sliders. These doors are incredibly long-lasting, with durable aluminium frames that protect robust internal hardware. As a result, the doors slide smoothly for decades, up to 50 years! And, with a 25-year guarantee on our sliding patio doors, you won't lose out if yours don't quite get there.

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Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient

  • Highly Secure

  • Stunning Aesthetics

  • Bespoke Designs




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Searching for sliding patio doors in Windsor? Well look no further than Jewel! We have a wide range of sliding patio doors available at competitive prices, from a local company that puts you first.

You can get a quote within minutes when you use our online quote builder to find your new doors. You can compare the prices of various parts, and pick the unique elements of your new design, so you get a unique door for your home.

We look forward to helping you transform your home!

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