Sliding Patio Doors Walton on Thames

Sliding Patio Doors Walton on Thames

Sliding patio doors are a wonderful addition to any home in Walton on Thames.

Sliding Patio Doors Prices Walton on Thames

Sliding Patio Door Prices Walton on Thames

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Enhanced Security

Our range of sliding patio doors can protect what matters most in your Walton on Thames home. The designs we offer come loaded with Secured by Design-accredited hardware for total peace of mind.

Thermal Performance

You'll get advanced double glazing and slimline aluminium profiles in your new patio doors. As a result, you'll be able to achieve incredibly low u-values, saving energy and money inside your home.

Bespoke Designs

At Jewel, we know one size never fits all. That's why all of our slimline patio doors come bespoke for your Walton on Thames home - create your dream doors today!


Sliding patio doors can bring the outside world closer to your Walton on Thames home. These doors have a transformative impact on any living space. Instead of an old, narrow door that leads out to your garden, you could invest in doors that barely feel like they’re there. Their full panels of double glazing allow the doors to blend seamlessly with nature.

However, when you open them, the effect is even more dramatic. Slimline patio doors function on an in-line slider, meaning you can push them away into the corner of the room. What you’ll have left is a broad, accessible opening to your garden. That way, you can break down the barriers between inside and outside.

At Jewel, we think homeowners in Walton on Thames could benefit massively from sliding patio doors. That’s why we offer designs that are functional, versatile and affordable. Not only that, but they could save you money in the long run! That way, you’ll make a lasting investment for your home that makes it a much better place to live.


Your sliding patio doors could open up your Walton on Thames home to natural light and warmth. But, when you need them to, they'll close your home off to threats. That includes burglars and intruders, who'll find that your doors are a nightmare to get through. Thanks to durable materials and innovative design, your doors will be able to keep them out and protect what matters most. For a start, they use slimline aluminium frames that have more strength than you think. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it's almost bulletproof. Because of this, your sliding patio doors will be able to resist impacts and forced entry attempts, making it much harder for somebody to enter your Walton on Thames home. However, the aluminium frame also has another purpose. Because it's highly durable, it can protect the hardware inside from rust and wear. As a result, the shootbolts and multi-point locking mechanisms won't only be highly secure, but they'll stay firm for decades to come. That way, your new doors can provide lasting peace of mind inside your home.

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You might think that sliding patio doors could leave your Walton on Thames home open to the elements. However, our modern designs ensure you won't have to feel the cold inside your home. If anything, you'll make your living space warmer and brighter, increasing your comfort and reducing your costs. Our sliding patio doors use full panels of advanced double glazing, meaning that you'll get two panes of glass to protect you from cold weather. Not only that, but the slimline aluminium frames ensure that natural light and warmth can filter through the doors into your home. The aluminium also offers superb insulation around your doors, preventing draughts. Because of this, your sliding patio doors can improve how your Walton on Thames home uses energy. That means you'll be able to stay warm without having to rely on your central heating. You could end up saving money every day on your energy bills with sliding patio doors, and they'll help you to decrease your home's carbon footprint too.

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Our sliding patio doors are fully weatherproof designs. Unlike timber designs, which can crack and twist in wind and rain, our aluminium doors have no problem, no matter the conditions. Your doors will be highly durable, and they won't warp, decay, rot or lose their shape in any way. That way, you'll be able to rely on your doors to protect you from the elements. Another benefit of that comes with the colours in your doors. You'll be able to add stunning colours or authentic finishes to the aluminium frames of your doors, helping you capture a stunning look for your home. However, because the frames are weatherproof, you won't have to repaint the doors in any way. Your sliding patio doors will retain their looks for decades, ensuring your Walton on Thames home stands out anywhere. All you'll have to do to maintain your doors is by cleaning them every so often with a damp cloth. If you do that, the reward is up to 50 years of reliable performance and smooth operation. That makes sliding patio doors an even better investment.





Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient

  • Highly Secure

  • Stunning Aesthetics

  • Bespoke Designs




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