Sliding Patio Doors Richmond

Sliding Patio Doors Richmond

Remarkable sliding patio doors for your home in Richmond.

Sliding Patio Doors Prices Richmond

Sliding Patio Door Prices Richmond

Get in touch with Jewel today to find lower prices for sliding patio doors in Richmond.

Excellent Security

Our sliding patio doors meet the stringent standards set by Secured By Design for your home's security. That means superb sliding, always safely.

Thermal Performance

You'll be able to save money on your energy bills with sliding patio doors for your Richmond home. Their exceptionally low u-values make your home warmer.

Custom Designs

Our sliding patio doors are fully customisable, meaning you can create a unique focal point for your Richmond home with Smart or Air Systems designs!


With Jewel Bifolds, you could invest in remarkable sliding patio doors for your home in Richmond. Your living space might be feeling a little tired and dark, but doors like these could transform how it looks and feels. Sliding doors could replace a wall of your home, or your old back door, with a fully glazed design that brings nature closer to your home.

You’ll get advanced double glazing in the design, as well as slimline aluminium frames. Both work to let natural light flood into your home and provide you with outstanding views, even when the doors are closed. And, when you open them, the doors will disappear, revealing a seamless gateway to your garden.

Sliding patio doors perform just as brilliantly as they look, too. With an aluminium frame, you’ll get a door with exceptional strength. Not only that, but the design is fully weatherproof, meaning your doors can protect your home from wind and rain. Also, as the doors are on an in-line slider, there’s no swing arc, removing a potential safety hazard and increasing your new space.

You could even save money on your energy bills with sliding patio doors for your Richmond home! We supply Smart’s range of sliding patio doors, and the LS500 and LS600 designs from Air Systems, for your home in Richmond.



Our sliding patio doors can open your home in Richmond up to nature. However, they won't open your home to anything you don't want to. That's because the designs we supply at Jewel leave no stone unturned when it comes to your home's security. You'll get a robust, durable set of doors with innovative features to keep intruders well away. For example, the in-line slider makes your sliding patio doors anti-crowbar. Additionally, you'll get shootbolts inside the slider to lock the door down, and the aluminium frames can protect them from rust and wear. That way, you can rely on your home's safety for years to come. If you think the glass might leave you vulnerable, think again. Our sliding patio doors, supplied by Smart and Air Systems, will use double glazing and multi-point locking systems as standard. That means you'll get glass much stronger than regular options, with locks that keep it attached to your frames no matter what.

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Sliding patio doors can help you save energy inside your Richmond home. You'll be investing in a design that has remarkable insulation, thanks to the advanced double glazing and aluminium frames. Together, these materials create an air and water-tight entrance to your home. Because of this, you won't feel the cold outside inside your warm living space. Double glazing gives your home a thermal barrier, with two panes of glass both working to capture more of your home's natural heat. As a result, you'll let less of your home's energy out, meaning you won't have to use as much to stay warm. However, you might not need to use your central heating much at all. Sliding patio doors let natural light and warmth flood your Richmond home, making it feel more comfortable and welcoming. As a result, you can make your living space thrive, and you won't have to rely on your central heating to keep it warm.

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At Jewel, we offer leading designs for sliding patio doors in Richmond. That way, you can invest in a functional door that makes daily life a little better every day. For a start, we offer sliding patio doors from Smart, which use a multi-chambered aluminium profile in their build. Smart's VisoGlide profile gives your doors even more strength, helping them withstand the worst of the British weather. Additionally, the doors feature a polyamide bridge, which can improve both heat and sound insulation. As a result, you'll enjoy an even warmer living space, without any distractions. You can also invest in the LS500 and LS600 designs from Air Systems. The aluminium frame ensures smooth sliding for decades to come, as it's durable enough to protect the hardware inside from rusting or wearing down. And, with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee, you can get peace of mind that lasts for a generation.

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Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient

  • Highly Secure

  • Stunning Aesthetics

  • Bespoke Designs



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If you’d like sliding patio doors for your Richmond home at lower prices, come and talk to Jewel! We’re a trusted local company who will give you leading quality doors that make good on your investment.

You can use our online quote builder today to get a personalised quote for any unique doors! You’ll be able to compare every part we offer for your new doors, meaning you can get a design that suits your style and your budget.

We look forward to helping you enhance your Richmond home!

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