Sliding Patio Doors Addlestone

Sliding Patio Doors Addlestone

Amazing sliding patio doors for your home in Addlestone.

Sliding Patio Doors Prices Addlestone

Sliding Patio Door Prices Addlestone

Contact Jewel today to find competitive prices for sliding patio doors.

Excellent Security

Security is our top priority when it comes to sliding patio doors. We offer doors with durable aluminium, leading hardware and Secured By Design approval for total peace of mind.

Thermal Performance

With a full double glazed section and slimline aluminium, these doors have superb thermal performance. The design achieves exceptionally low U-values, and adds more light to your living space.

Custom Designs

Style your new sliding patio doors to suit your Addlestone home precisely. We offer Smart's range and Air Sliders as well, which you can fully customise with unique colours, finishes and accessories.


Sliding patio doors can provide a new feeling of space to any home in Addlestone and Surrey. Sliding doors change the way you use your home, and access the outside world. Rather than use cumbersome materials like timber, they combine a slim aluminium frame with expansive double glazing.

The result is a door with incredible sightlines, plenty of natural light, and a design that helps you stay warm inside your home. Sliding patio doors are weatherproof and highly secure too, for total protection and peace of mind.

At Jewel Bi-Fold, we strive to offer the best designs available anywhere for your Addlestone home. That’s why we offer the Smart VisoGlide sliding patio door, as well as the LS500 and LS600 Air Sliders. These designs open the doors to a brand-new feeling of space, light and comfort in your living area.

Also, aluminium sliding patio doors are a long-lasting investment. Their efficiency means they can insulate your home brilliantly, helping you to save money on energy bills over time. As aluminium frames can last for up to 50 years or more, you could even pay the cost of your investment back.



Our sliding patio doors use aluminium to give your Addlestone home complete protection. Aluminium is a precious metal and has far more strength than uPVC. Because of this, it could give your home exceptional security by itself. However, the Smart and Air Sliders door designs don't stop there. Instead, you'll get leading hardware, shootbolts, and an in-line slider which fastens the door to the floor. Because of this, a burglar won't be able to prise the door open from underneath. That's not all, either. Your door will feature multi-point locking systems, keeping the glazing attached to the frame and stopping an intruder from breaking it. Also, you'll get durable locks and firm handles which can resist substantial impacts. Your new sliding patio doors won't only protect you for a little while, either. Aluminium is a weatherproof material, meaning it can protect the door's components from rust and wear. That means you'll get a smooth operation every time, and security you can rely on.

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Your doors should make your home feel better when they're open and closed. When you open our sliding patio doors, you'll be able to ventilate your Addlestone home with loads of fresh air. The door slides open effortlessly, revealing a wide-open space to go into your garden through. However, when you shut the doors, they can protect your home from cold weather, while still letting natural light through into your living space. That way, you can control your home's climate with ease, with a multi-chambered profile that manages heat transfer seamlessly. Sliding patio doors have outstanding insulation. That's because the double glazing and aluminium work together to trap your home's natural heat. Also, they'll keep cold air well away from your living space, so your home can feel a little warmer every day. The doors are so efficient that they can stop you relying on your central heating to stay warm. That way, you can save money on energy bills, and decrease your carbon footprint too.

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With Jewel, you can invest in leading sliding patio doors for your Addlestone home. We offer designs from Smart, as well as the Air Sliders range so that you can make a quality investment. Smart's VisoGlide door is superb, featuring an aluminium profile that has two extrusions, separated by a polyamide strip. Because of this, the frame is more robust, and sleeker too. Additionally, Smart's doors have impressive sound insulation. That way, you can create a calm, quiet home. Alternatively, you could select Air Sliders. The 500 LS and 600 LS models are long-lasting designs that slide smoothly for years to come. You'll be able to keep mother nature back with a fully weatherproof door that doesn't rot, crack or twist. Not only that, but you'll get SBD-approved hardware across the design that maintains its performance for decades. For added peace of mind and comfort, these remarkable designs come with a 25-year guarantee too.





Key Features

  • Thermally Efficient

  • Highly Secure

  • Stunning Aesthetics

  • Bespoke Designs




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Searching for sliding patio doors in Addlestone and Surrey? Then come and see our selection of sliding door designs at Jewel. We offer competitive prices for leading designs, so you make the best possible investment.

Start by using our online quoting engine to pick your new doors, and compare the prices of several designs. Then, we can offer you a quote for the one you choose within minutes. You’ll also be able to customise your doors and get a quote for any configuration!

We look forward to working with you!

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