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Modern Bi-Fold Door Options Sunningdale

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Unique Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Sunningdale

Bi-fold doors are a stunning, modern door option for homeowners in Sunningdale. The stunning design is partnered with high quality materials, for the ultimate back door option. We offer a range of bi-folding doors, with aluminium and options.

The bi-folding door works in a similar way to a French or patio door. The door opens with the eaves folding to seat nearly at either end of the frame. They can be manufactured to open at the middle, left, right or somewhere in between. They typically consist of between two to seven panels.

These doors are primarily fitted externally, as a means of the opening part of your house, conservatory or extension into the garden. However, they can also be installed internally, splitting a larger room into two smaller ones. They can even be fitted around a right-angled corner.

What’s more, our range of bi-fold doors is available in a broad array of different colours. These include subtle shades as well as authentic woodgrain finishes. As a result, our bi-fold doors aren’t just limited to modern properties. There’s something for every style of home in Sunningdale.

Bi-Fold Doors from Market Leading Suppliers

We source our bi-fold doors from multiple renowned suppliers. This allows us to offer our customers a broader range than any other installer in Sunningdale. There’s a bi-fold door for every style need and budget. Here’s a taste of our range here at Jewel Bi-Folds:

Air Bi-Fold Doors

Perfect for those looking to let plenty of natural light into their home, air bi-fold doors can be constructed with glass panels up to 3m in height. Your home will be brighter and more welcoming.


A stunning bi-fold door from Germany’s best manufacturer, their ASS 70FD doors deliver a consistently high performance combined with stunning visuals. They come with thick double glazed panels.

Smart Systems

Smart has been manufacturing superb aluminium home improvement products for years. Their Visofold 1000 bi-fold door range comes with ultra-slim sightlines, for excellent aesthetics.

Bi-Fold Doors Sunningdale

Features & Benefits of Jewel’s Bi-Fold Doors

Better Thermal Efficiency

Bi-fold doors offer great natural insulation. They do an excellent job of trapping the warmth inside your home during winter, meaning you won’t need to have your central heating on as high. As a result, you could save money on your energy bills over time and potentially lower your carbon footprint.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Whether they are left closed, open halfway or open fully, bi-fold doors look exquisite. The way the panels fold next to each other also means that the fully open door will take up just 10% of the original space. This allows natural light to flood into your home, making it brighter and more appealing.


High-performance weather seals ensure that these bi-fold doors do an exceptional job of keeping the wind and rain at bay. You won’t be bothered by leaking or have to worry about any water damage, damp spots or rotting. Protection from the wind will also prevent excessive draughts in your home.

Improved Kerb Appeal

By being such a stunning product, bi-folding doors can drastically improve the kerb appeal of your home. This is where your home doesn’t actually increase in value but becomes more attractive to potential buyers which can improve its market price. They can prove to be a smart long term investment.

Low Maintenance

Among other benefits, aluminium are popular because of their low maintenance properties. This means they do not require constant upkeep to look as good as new. In fact, all you’ll need to do after they’ve been fitted is keep any moving components free of excess dust. It’s as simple as that.

Tailored to You

As we work with so many different suppliers, you’re spoilt for choice with bi-fold doors. However, you’ll also be able to customise the door’s configuration and colour, allowing you to create a bespoke product. When you come to Jewel, you’ll be able to make home renovations that are tailored to you.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices Sunningdale

You can use our online quoting engine to get a free estimated cost for your new set of bi-fold doors. You’ll get a price tailored to your exact requirements.

You can also leave us your details on our online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you. For anything more immediate, you can call us directly on 01252 933 134.

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