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High-Quality Bi-Fold Doors in Hurtmore

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High Quality Bi-Fold Doors, Stunning Designs in Hurtmore

Jewel Bi-Folds provide the best comprehensive selection and our high-quality choices help you to find the right door for your Hurtmore home. With stunning designs and beautiful finishing’s, no matter what style home you have, we have a bi-fold door for you.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are the best way to create an open living space that seamlessly connects the outdoors to the inside or your home. Bi-fold doors create spectacular views from your home and provide a stunning exterior view of your home in Hurtmore.

A Comprehensive Range of Bi-Fold Doors

We know that each homeowner has their own set of unique requirements, which is why we have a comprehensive range of our bi-fold doors. We have created a collection from leading names such as Halo, and Schuco. This extensive choice allows you to pick the right style, design and price for your needs.

Our bi-fold doors are fully customisable, allowing you to choose your colour, finish, design and the hardware of your new door. Personalise your door with the number of panels and how you want your doors to open and create the door of your dreams.

We ensure that our bi-fold doors can cater to any requirements including accessibility for wheelchair users. We can adapt the doors to adjust the threshold height and some are available with Part P compliant ultra-low thresholds which last a lifetime.

Air Bi-Folding Doors

Air bi-folding doors are a great addition to any homeowner in Hurtmore. Our air bi-fold doors offer high thermal efficiency, protecting your home from any weather conditions. With a slim profile of just 108mm, these bi-fold doors are a stunning home improvement solution for you.

Our Air bi-folding doors are super secure, giving your home the highest level of security and protection from any unwanted visitors. The air aluminium bi-folding doors come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, providing you with the peace of mind for a long term performance, making them a perfect investment for your Hurtmore home.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors HurtmoreSchuco Bi-Folding Doors

Our Schuco bi-folding doors combine the precise German engineering and design with the latest technology. Our Schuco bi-folding doors are a modern and brilliant choice for an all-purpose, all year round performance. Providing the highest level of security, these bi-folding doors have been installed with a specifically designed innovative locking system.

Schuco bi-folding doors can be used internally or externally, making them superbly versatile for any space.

Double Glazed Doors hurtmoreSmarts Bi-Folding Doors

Our Smarts Bi-folding doors are a premium choice for your Hurtmore home, offering the highest quality performance. With a streamlined design, they will be well suited to a luxurious property style.

Homeowners in Hurtmore are finding the smart aluminium bi-fold doors to be a popular option for their property styles.

aluminium patio doors hurtmore

Thermally Efficient Bi-Fold Doors in Hurtmore

These thermally-efficient bi-fold doors are built with a design that contains multi-chambered profiles which ensure they are high when ranking for the energy requirement scale of Building Regulations. These multi-chambered profiles trap pockets of warm air, providing a warm layer of insulation in the door. This allows your home to heat inside without transferring the heat outside. When combining our high standards of installation, our bi-fold doors will be sure to keep the warm air in and the cold air out, throughout all seasons in the year. Our bi-fold doors will help you keep your home weatherproof whilst keeping the outside noise out.

Bi-Fold Door Prices, Hurtmore

At Jewel Bi-Folds, we provide our homeowners with complete satisfaction for every installation of our bi-fold doors. We have created a wide selection of bi-fold doors in a range of designs, colours, and material, so you will be sure to find a style to suit your requirement.

Call us on 01483 369389 to discuss your bi-fold door requirements. Or alternatively, you can send us a message with your query through our online contact form. If you know the bi-fold door you require then you can use our online door designer tool, enter your specifications and we will generate a quote for you in minutes.

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