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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors for Homes in Ascot

Bi-fold doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvement options in Ascot. These stunning back door alternatives are perfect for opening your home or conservatory into the garden. Jewel Bi-Folds takes pride in offering the best bi-fold doors in all of Ascot and Surrey.

Unlike patio or French doors, bi-fold doors open using an innovative collapsing mechanism, whereby the panels of the door slide to sit adjacent to each other. They can be opened from the middle, at either end or somewhere in between. Typically, they consist of between two to seven eaves.

Bi-fold doors are incredibly versatile and can be installed internally as well as externally for Ascot homes. They’re a fantastic way of separating a large room into two smaller ones without totally cutting them off from each other permanently.

Here at Jewel, we offer bi-fold doors made from aluminium. This gives our customers the choice between the versatile and long-lasting aluminium or the high grade, lightweight aluminium. There’s something for every budget.

By offering a range of different bi-fold doors from several suppliers in Ascot, you’ll be able to find a product that perfectly suits your tastes. Several of our doors can be customised in high-performance colour finishes, meaning you aren’t limited to the natural hues of aluminium.

bifolding doors ascotOur Bi-Fold Door Ranges

Air Bi-Fold Doors

A versatile and energy-efficient bi-folding door, this aluminium model from Air Bi-Fold Doors is absolutely superb. The 3m glass panels of the Air 800 allow natural light to flood into your home.

Smart Systems

A renowned aluminium manufacturer, we work with Smart to install the Visofold 1000 range in homes in Ascot. These bi-fold doors have incredibly slim sightlines, delivering unrivalled visual appeal.


We also work with Germany top bi-fold door manufacturer, SCHÜCO. Their ASS 70FD bi-fold door comes with incredibly thick double glazed panels. This results in an exceptional level of energy efficiency.

Bi-Fold Doors AscotFeatures & Benefits of Jewel’s Bi-Fold Doors

Excellent Heat Retention

Bi-fold doors deliver fantastic levels of thermal efficiency for Ascot homes. They will trap your home’s natural warmth inside, allowing you to have your heating on lower during winter. What’s more, in summer, these doors provide sufficient ventilation to keep your home or conservatory cool, without being too humid.

Tailored to You

Our bi-folds are available in aluminium and can also be customised in terms of colour, configuration and accessories. As a result, you’ll be able to create bi-fold doors for your home in Ascot that is unique to you. You’ll be able to have some bi-fold doors whatever style of home you have.

Visually Stunning

Aluminium bi-folds are simply stunning. The folding mechanism offers aesthetics that are unlike any other back door option. With all the different finishes you can choose from, they are sure to transform the look of your home. You’ll quickly become the envy of all your neighbours in Ascot.

Space Saving

Unlike French doors which swing in or out, these bi-fold doors don’t take up much room. This makes them perfect for smaller conservatories or extensions, or ones where a swinging door would obstruct the furniture. The bi-fold door will fold away to take up just 10% of the space it covers while closed.

Exceptionally Secure

Whether you opt for aluminium, you’ll get bi-fold doors that will provide exceptional levels of security for your Ascot home. The robust materials, sturdy double glazing and high grade locking systems make them incredibly secure. This will give you total peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium has great natural low maintenance properties. You’ll need to keep the door’s moving components free of any excess dust once the installation has been completed, but that’s it. You can spend more time enjoying your brighter home and less time worried about cleaning.

bi-fold doors prices ascotBi-Fold Doors Prices Ascot

If you’re interested in getting a price for a set of Jewel’s bi-fold doors installed in your Ascot home, you can use our online quoting engine today. It will provide you with a free estimated cost tailored to your exact requirements.

For any other questions about our bi-fold doors or our finance options, then leave us your details on our online contact form. For anything immediate, you can contact Jewel Bi-Folds by calling 01252 933 134. We look forward to hearing from you!

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