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Chic Design, Sleek Aesthetic with Bifold Doors in Addlestone

Jewel Bi-Folds is your local bifold door expert. We give you a stunning range of door styles and designs for your Addlestone home. As a result, you get excellence in looks as well as performance. Whether you choose uPVC or aluminium, we will make sure that your doors give you the full benefit of the latest technology and engineering.

With bifold doors, you can integrate your outdoor spaces with your interiors effortlessly. As a result, you get better-managed living areas. In fact, these doors are the perfect means to organise your lifestyle, whether you are entertaining or socialising.

A Fantastic Selection of Bifold Doors

Each home is as unique as the person who lives in it. As a result, every homeowner wants to design and plan their home differently. We understand this, and this is why we offer such a wide range of options. We offer a number of different profiles. Moreover, we do so in a variety of colours and finishes. As a result, whether you want aluminium bifold doors in Addlestone or uPVC sliding doors, you will find them with us.

In order to give you a comprehensive range, we pick our products from some of the industry leaders and innovators. We are proud to present doors from names like Smart. What this means for you is a better set of products to choose from. As a result, you get the exact style and performance settings that you need.

Moreover, we also give you complete freedom in designing your bifold doors. You can decide exactly which colours, finishes, and door furniture you want. If you want a wood-grain effect, we offer those as well. In addition to the visual appearance, you can also determine the technical aspects of your door. This means the number of panels you want and how you want the doors to open.

Another aspect you might want to consider is the accessibility of your bifold doors. If you want your entrances to be mobility-friendly, we offer Part M compliant ultra-low thresholds. These thresholds are sturdy, so will withstand wheelchairs and excessive traffic. Moreover, they give you a smooth entrance, so your bifold doors provide a seamless entry.

Smart aluminium bifold doors Surrey

Bifold Doors in Addlestone with Great Features

We give you bifold doors for excellent thermal performance. The frames of these doors have multiple chambers that give you greater heat retention. Similarly, our aluminium range of bifold doors are also engineered for superior heat efficiency. As a result, all our bitfold doors help you get your home to comply with the Building Regulations energy efficiency requirements.

In addition to keeping the warmth in, our bifold doors are also effective at keeping intruders out. These doors are built for security. It’s not just their strength that keeps your home safe.

However, that does not mean our other products aren’t secure. We give you all-round protection with the state-of-the-art locking mechanism we install in each door. Moreover, the doors come with concealed fittings and tamper-proof double glazing. As a result, they are almost impossible to break into.

For all the great features they offer, you’d think they’d be high maintenance. However, you’d be surprised to learn that our bifold doors require minimal care. Simply keep the opening mechanism clear of dirt and debris. Wipe them with a wet cloth. That is all you need to do for them to keep your Addlestone home looking good.

The materials that our bifold doors are built are also quite sturdy. Both uPVC and aluminium are highly resistant to corrosion and daily wear and tear. Moreover, they also continue to operate smoothly and efficiently for years.

It’s not just the material that is durable. The RAL colours of aluminium and the uPVC finishes are also designed to last long. Unlike traditional painted surfaces, these finishes don’t blister or peel. These durable coatings resist scratches and the ravages of the elements. As a result, they continue to look as good as new!

Bi-Fold Door Prices Addlestone

Bifold Doors Prices, Addlestone

At Jewel Bi-Folds, we ensure that we have something for everyone. Whether you want tailored styles or bifold doors that fit in your budget, we are sure to have something for you. You will not be disappointed with our range.

In fact, we make it extremely easy to get our bi-fold door prices as well. If you want a personalised quote for your Addlestone home improvement, you can get them almost instantly with our online door designer. Just select the specifications of the bifold door you want, and it shall give you your tailored price.

You can also get in touch with us online, or call us on 01483 369389. If you contact us, our team will give you all the help and advice you need.

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